Why Minerals? 
The importance of minerals cannot be overstated as they create the healthy environment in a body in which vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats work optimally to bring about health and healing.  Ocean water is the richest life sustaining and life enhancing source of minerals and trace elements on the planet. Even the blood plasma in which a fetus develops is, chemically speaking, almost identical to ocean water.  This is not a coincidence.  

Our modern day agriculture and food processing systems have severely stripped many vital minerals from our soils and our foods thus causing potential grave mineral deficiencies in our bodies. Tests showed half the level of minerals in foods grown now compared to 1949.  Even drinking water is devoid of the necessary minerals due to common water purification and filtering systems.

Sea minerals are produced from pure ocean sea water reduced to one percent of the original solution’s volume by a three month process of evaporating the ocean water on ponds in the sunlight then removing the sodium chloride crust which forms. The result is an excellent source of trace minerals plus magnesium and potassium for the body.

The raw herbs and cold fermentation gives maximum potency to Super Blend and True Heart. Cold fermentation is the best way to capture all the active ingredients in a herb. One of the herbs takes ten weeks to be fully fermented and integrated and the others take three to six weeks. The combined properties of the herbs and minerals have a dynamic regenerative effect that helps defend the body against potential imbalances. The sea minerals preserve the herbs with their potent properties and allow the body to better utilize them. Not radiated, processed, dried or cooked in any way. This herbal brew captures the full strength of the herbs and is so potent only one teaspoon can work wonders.


“I had Lupus and Fibromyalgia. They were very painful and the Lupus gave me large acorn size pustules near my lymph glands. My skin color was very dark and blochy, spotted. The doctors were unable to help me and I got advice from a naturalist and Nature’s Approved which resulted in a vast improvement. I took three things: Superblend South Sea Minerals from Nature’s Approved, hyssop and aloe vera. 
       Now many of my friends see how remarkably my appearance and health have improved. I am now entertaining in my home and visiting friends as I used to do in the past.  I can now climb stairs and take walks.  I now am back to baking and experimenting with my cooking as in the past.  I now do things with enjoyment and not out of necessity. I am now more mobile. NO more skin eruptions. NO more pain. NO more depression! And I am able to drive my car again.
       My Fibromyalgia pain has gone away so they are ordering the Superblend for themselves and have found it very helpful for a range of ailments. Now I can harvest my garden and am much more mobile again. I am enjoying my life, I feel like a new person! THANK YOU KEN for giving me a new lease on life! And we thank God for the wisdom and knowlege to have found this wonderful miracle.  - Lou B, Idaho

I have been buying the Super Blend for 6 years now.  I have ovarian cancer and was given 5 yrs to live. I had a secondary cancer in my Speen which was removed 2yrs after the primary cancer and started on the Super Blend.  I have been healthy and well ever since - its now my 8th yr since the primary cancer.  Thanks  -  Shirley M, Australia

I can't thank you enough for making Vitaklenz available to us in the U.S. Vitaklenz is one of its kind - very easy to take with no special diets or restrictions and the best cleansing program ever. We take Vitaklenz along with Nature's Approved Sea Minerals and probiotics. It's working wonders for us and eliminating some pre-existing symptoms as well. It has helped in thorough cleansing from the inside. It clears up infections quickly. It acts as liver tonic and assists in treating indigestion & acid reflux, helps in giving relief in yeast overgrowth problems such as Candida & thrush and aids in reducing swellings, arthritis and joint pains to list a few. I never expected Vitaklenz to handle such wide range of problems that too in such a short time. In short, Vitaklenz helps restore energy and health naturally. Amazing! We'll be ordering more Vitaklenz for sure! - Kala V., NJ

My Mom has high blood pressure. She has been talking to me about these minerals for quite some time. So I tried some of her True Heart Sea Minerals. I was amazed by the results. I have insomnia. These minerals helped me sleep. It also gave me better energy. I have a 15 month old boy. I have a hard time getting him to sleep. But when I game him the minerals he went right to sleep with no fuss. I have purchased my own supply and am making South Sea Minerals a part of my daily life. - B.K.P., New Mexico 

Skin Tears and Skin Cancer  August 26, 2006
"Ken S. my 85 year old father-in-law in Florida, was recovering from a massive heart attack of December ’05, when he lost the use of half of his heart and moved to an Assisted Living Facility. He had skin tears on his right arm where the removal of hospital applied tape had taken the skin with it leaving raw flesh. Over a period of seven months these tears had become covered only with a thin membrane of skin and the raw red look persisted. 

For three weeks he applied Rosehip Oil and rubbed it gently on the area and took doses of Super Blend Sea Minerals once or twice a day. He also applied Rosehip Oil to his skin cancers. An avid fisherman in Florida for 20 years with high sun exposure, he had long suffered from recurring skin cancers.  The skin tears showed great improvement and the skin looked almost normal after only three weeks of application.  The skin cancers that he previously had diagnosed were of some five different kinds and in various areas. These improved greatly, and whereas the dermatologist had told him to expect cutting and suturing to remove them, the first treatment only required lasering and scraping to remove the remnants (he wanted them finished fast).  His overall health and demeanor had greatly improved. He had put on weight, enjoyed his outings and stayed out longer. 

We believe that the skin rejuvenating properties of the Rosehip Oil, with the oral doses of the Super Blend had enormously assisted his skin health . The oral doses of the Super Blend had also apparently improved his overall health in many ways. The total effect on his health over a short period of time was rather extraordinary."     K.L. 

Home Tooth Cavity repair?
Michele C. used SuperBlend South Sea Minerals to heal cavities. Evidently the herbs kill the bacteria and the minerals help to remineralize and reconstruct the tooth. We don't have scientific proof but would love to hear your testimonial to test this further. We thought this story was truly incredible and asked her to put it in writing for us. She really hopes this will help other people who share her desire to avoid the dentist.

Here is her story:

About 3 years ago I started having tooth pain in my lower molar. I went to the dentist only to find out I had major dental problems. Several teeth in my mouth had large cavities. Also the roots of some teeth were infected. After having quite a bit of dental work done (root canal, crown, fillings), I just couldn’t take going to the dentist anymore. It wasn’t just the dentist – I also had to go to the endodontist and the periodontist. I think I spent about $10,000 that first year, and I still needed a lot more work.

I just stopped going to the dentist, even though I needed dental work. I couldn’t take the cost and the stress. I tried a calcium cream available on the internet. I put the cream on my teeth often, but, if it was helping, I couldn’t tell. The dentist had sent me home with topical fluoride to put on my teeth. I did use the fluoride gels and rinses but didn’t notice much improvement. I searched the internet about how to remineralize teeth. I asked the dentist if any of my teeth could remineralize. I was told no, that once bacteria got into the tooth, remineralization could not happen. So, then I tried putting lots of oregano oil and myrrh oil on my teeth to clean out the bacteria. I also rinsed with diluted hydrogen peroxide. I thought maybe if the bacteria was cleaned out the teeth could remineralize.

I learned that I needed to take large amounts of vitamin D internally to absorb calcium into the bones and teeth. I took calcium and vitamin D on a regular basis. I also supplemented with trace minerals. After all of this, my cavities were still slowly getting worse. 

I happened to run across the Nature’s Approved minerals on the Internet and ordered the minerals (including one for the skin with rosehip oil added).  

I started taking the SuperBlend minerals mixed in water. I decided to experiment by putting some of the liquid minerals on a tooth that was hurting. It felt so soothing on the tooth that I knew I discovered something. I then began putting the Super blend South Sea Minerals on all my teeth with cavities. Putting the minerals directly on the cavity. The cavities slowly/gradually started closing up. I first started out doing this 4 to 5 times a day, but the minerals were too much for my stomach and I had to cut back to twice a day…still they kept closing.  

I think it has been about three months since I started using the minerals and the cavities continue to close. There were times when I skipped a few days and I thought “probably the cavities will open up again and I will loose some ground” – but, to my surprise, that didn’t happen. Whatever progress was made to heal my tooth did not reverse when I skipped a few days or even if I ate some chocolate.  

I am totally amazed at the Super Blend Sea Minerals. Teeth can heal themselves if given the proper materials.

Gerry Amena, an Australian farmer with medical and traditional herbal experience, came across the benefits of sea minerals by experiencing healing for his back. He could barely walk as three of his vertebrae were bone on bone due to disk breakdown. After three weeks of taking them he was walking better and after 12 months of sea minerals a doctor’s x-ray revealed the disks between his vertebrae that had been worn away were all restored.  

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